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3 months agoI got a new baby cousin called Audrey! She is currently living in America now but is moving to Europe in a few months. I am so excited because she is coming to visit me today! She is so cute and I can’t wait to see her and my Auntie and Uncle! In case you’re wondering Audrey is a healthy and happy baby who sleeps for 8 hours a day. From the emails I’ve been getting from my Auntie Audrey is the happiest baby in the world and she has the best parents ever after mine! I only ever seen photos of her and I already know that she is going to be so much fun to have around over Christmas! Also if your reading this Kathleen I hope your well and I can’t wait to see you and Nick!

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Last Day of Junior School

Hi Everyone,

Today is my last ever day in Junior school. I have had a fantastic school year. I have had so many great opportunities. But year 6 wasn’t all fun and games. We had some very ugly moments . Like  at camp at Cockatoo Island when we were all still up talking at 2:00 am just as we got to sleep a.k.a 4:00 am it started heavily pouring down rain of course that set us all of in chaos. As there were 4 of us in a small 2 person tent most of us had our suitcases outside and were getting so wet. We were screaming like little girls. Of course that really made the teachers mad and payed us back by switching all the cabins for the next night.


But most of year 6 was so much fun and even if I was stuck on cleaning out the lost property. Yuk, because it was full of mouldy old lunch boxes. Year 6 has been one of the best years ever and I will never forget all the drama we had. Not just the musical “The Little Mermaid” drama but all the other drama in between. Year 6 has been the best year ever. It was even better than the time one of my friends took me to Wet ‘n’ Wild for free!

Have a great  Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone

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Fabulous Fish

Hi everyone,

For art this term I have doing printing! For this I drew a realistic fish, the reason why I drew a fish is because in my class as many other classes are also doing  we are doing the Global Read Aloud. The book we are reading is the book fish. First we had to look at drawings of real fish and coping or draw our own on the art paper. The we go a form board and sketched  my fish into the board after that I got ink and rolled it all over the board and then pressed it on to a piece of paper. Then it was done I experiment on lots of different papers which looked really cool!

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Raise Your Voice – Syrian Refugees

Millions of Syrian refugees are fleeing from their war torn home Syria. These boy and girls and women and men are escaping to countries all over Europe as they can cross over Turkey and then take a boat to Greece where than many go in different directions depending on where about’s their wanting to settle their new life as refugees. Countries such as Germany.
This journey is a long and dangerous journey where many families can be separated and never be together. That’s why we need to take in more Syrian refugees so families don’t get separated.
Most of you think that 12000 isn’t enough seeing as Germany is accepting a massive 800000. The reason why we can’t accept that many is because even though we are a big country in size most of Australia is not suitable for living in permanently.
Also we just can’t afford to accommodate more than 12000.
Most of you have been saying that we can put some of the refugees on islands such as Christmas Island and Manus Island until we find space for them. But we need these refugees to learn our Australian customs and feel like they are part of this nation. Most of you will be wondering where we will be putting them?
These families will firstly go to Melbourne and Sydney as they are the two biggest cities in the country.
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Smart Goal

Hi Everyone

At the beginning of the term I wrote a smart learning goal to get three double hundreds throughout this term and I was able to accomplish this goal after practising my spelling words each week on spelling city. My now average score is 94.1%


Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 1.37.46 pm



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Chapter 6

Hello Everyone

Last week Daisy saved Captain Cook from death and is now going to help build the Harbour Bridge because most people are still devastated about their loved ones because World War One had just ended.

As I get in the time machine for one last time I remember the fun times I had. I slowly typed in the year 1923 and zoomed off filling the tight turns once again.


I had arrived in Australia New South Wales, Sydney Harbour. A place full of rich history so marvellous I couldn’t believe I was here. I looked around.  It looked different to what I imagined. Then it hit me; it had no Harbour Bridge!  I remembered that my mission was  to help build the Harbour Bridge because not many people had volunteered to help because World War One had just ended. I got up and put on my disguise so that the building officials would not say no to me because I was girl. After I had my disguise on I started to look around for the building officials. At last I found them and said that I was ready to get to work.  They sent me out with a sign saying “Help build the Harbour Bridge. Help your country! This bridge will help thousands of people get to work each day.”


I set out into the streets and got to work. I stood there for what felt like hours.  My legs were  feeling like they were about to drop off and my voice, which had once sounded like a soft melody, was now sounding like someone scratching a chalkboard because I had shouted  for all those hours.  Finally, someone noticed me.


They bent down and said to me, “Where do we sign up”! That’s when I noticed a whole group of what looked to be about twenty  men! I was so happy that someone wanted to help build the truly historical bridge. I showed the men where to go and then got back to work.  After about half an hour one hundred  people had signed up and were working on  the truly amazing bridge.

The numbers kept growing. By night time over three hundred people were working on this bridge and seemed like it was going to be a truly magnificent thing. Before I left I looked out at the harbour and there was the beginning of the bridge that is going to be something that people all over the world will come to Sydney to see.


“And that was the amazing trip I took all over the world,” I told the children at my child care centre. I am older now  and have a job at a preschool and I am doing well. I often tell the story of what happened the week I moved to Japan.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering my parents are doing fine. e saved them just in time and my sister, you ask? She recovered after a few months and is doing well too.


So that’s my story.


Daisy xx  

I think that over the time I have been writing  Daisy’s story she has become more interested in  the history of the world because she, personally, has been part of some amazing periods of history. This was the last chapter of Daisy’s story and I hope the you have enjoyed reading it.


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Jeffrey Smart

Hi Everyone

Today in art I finished my Jeffrey Smart art work! The process that I had to go through was first I had to go out and  take photos of man made things in my school. After that I sent the photos to my laptop and downloaded photoshop. Throughout the past  week I have been editing it to look more like a Jeffrey Smart art work. With Jeffery Smarts artworks they usually use straight lines and shadows. His paintings also look very lonely and sad.

Here is my photo


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Chapter 5

Hello everyone

Last time Daisy had to help Leonardo di Vinci convinces Mona Lisa to let him paint his picture and Daisy was now on her way home to find where she was going next.


I had just arrived back from my last mission and I was bombarded by my grandmother who was full of questions. I told her that I will explain later but we have a world to save or should I say Australia. My next mission was to stop the murder plot on Captain Cook so he would be able to go on his mission to find Australia A.K.A The Great Southern Land.

In the time travel machine I went. I sat down and typed in 1768 and off I went jolting to the right then the left the entire journey. The one thing I’m not going to miss is the time travel machine.

When I arrived it was crowded. I seem to have landed in the middle of a busy street filled with people. I hurried through the streets, a young child like me by myself was dangerous back in that time. There were thieves everywhere. As I  got nearer to the water I could see a massive boat. As I got closer I could read the name of the boat. Endeavour it read. I was so happy! I thought it would take hours to find Captain Cook.

I waited for him to come out on the dock when I overheard two men talking about when they were going to meet to discuss the murder of Captain Cook. I heard that they would be meeting here at midnight. I decided that I should go and find out the most I could and hopefully save him just in time by tipping off the police but until then I was going to enjoy my day in England.

It was midnight and I was waiting for the men to arrive. I hid behind a barrel which seemed to be full of rum. Suddenly I heard voices. They were saying that they would have the attack tomorrow morning at 5:30 because that’s when the Captain comes to check everything’s okay before speaking to the king. I had to let the police know.  It was too late now so I  was just going to have to let the police know in the morning about four.

When I woke up it was about 3. I had to get going to the police. Lucky for me it was only an half and hour walk to the nearest station. When I got there the head chief was just arriving I told what happened and that we had to leave now.

We got there just in time. We could hear screams and rushed on board .It was like watching a horror movie the men were just about the hit him on the head with what looked like one of those medieval balls with spikes all over. The police quickly disarmed the men and handcuffed them and the next thing you know they’re being sent to Newgate Prison.  

Captain Cook thanked me very much and said if I ever needed anything he was the guy to ask.  I said thank you and rushed back to the time travel machine as I was late for my next mission I now only had  12 hours to complete the next one.

Now it’s up to you to choose where Daisy should go next!

A)The Pyramids  of Egypt

  1. B) Help the Australians fight angist the enemy in world war 1
  2. C) Help build the Harbour Bridge

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Chapter 4

Hello everyone

Last week Daisy was told that she was a spy. She was left deciding whether she should do the mission.

I have decided that I should do the mission. My parents need me . My country needs me. The world needs me. My grandmother said that it would take a lot of training for this mission and seeing as I have to start tomorrow we decided that we better start training.


Today is my first time   time traveling.  I am so excited but nervous at the same time.  I can’t wait to get on the machine. I will be traveling to the year 1503 when Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa. The bad people have convinced Mona Lisa that  Leonardo da Vinci is a bad person and she should never have anything to do with him.


I sit down in what looks like an overgrown egg that is the colour of a beautiful sunset. As I sit down a screen appears. Asking where I’d like to go I type in 1503 Italy. I suddenly felt a jolt to my left then one on my right that what it was like the whole trip. The trip was fast.


When I got there it was easy to see that I was in Italy. There were boats everywhere. Then I saw a young lady and a man. I overheard them talking then I heard Mona Lisa. I knew then that she was the girl I had to talk to. The next thing I know is she is storming off. I had to follow her.


I was lead to a small building which I presumed was her home. I went up to the door to speak to her. I knocked there was no answer I wasn’t sure what happened I saw her go in the door a second ago. I was about to just barge in when the door opened there she was the girl with the mysterious smile. She asked what I wanted I told her that I need to speak to her. She invited me in and we sat down on the couch. I told her about what would happen if she didn’t let Leonardo Di Vinci paint her portrait. She still wasn’t convened. She said that Leonardo  was a terrible  man and that no one should trust him. I tried to explain to her that he wasn’t a bad man that this could be a once in a life time opportunity and that she should take it. I told her that she would become famous  as millions of people will visit the painting and will inspire thousands of young artists. If she got scared I would be right by her side and comfort her.


We went out to go and find Leonardo. It wasn’t that hard as he seems to always be out on the main street. I told him that Mona Lisa had decided to do the painting. Suddenly Leonardo was happy and said we should get right to work.


When we got to Leonardo Di Vinci’s house Mona Lisa sat down and Leonardo started to paint. Later that afternoon Mona Lisa said to me that  I could go if I wanted to because she felt comforble with Leonardo and didn’t think he was evil anymore.


After that it was back home to find out where I was going next.  

P.S You know how the  Mona Lisa has a mysterious smile? It was because she was looking at the smiling and laughing Daisy while Leonardo was painting!


Where do you think Daisy should visit next?

A: Egypt to help build pyramids?           

B:  England to help Captain Cook find Australia?

Haiti Earthquake

Hello Everyone


This term in U.O.I we have been studying the earth and it’s layers. For our assessment task we had to research an earthquake, volcano or tsunami. I chose to research an earthquake. For this I had to learn about the tectonic plates. We had to research a specific earthquake. I chose to do the Haiti Earthquake. For part of the assessment we had to include a bibliography and a glossary of technical words. Another part of it was that we had to make a news report on our event. We had to include what the cause of it was, the impact and the response from the world.


Here’s my movie I hope you enjoy it!


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